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        One happy woman!

        High quality product. As a woman who was accustomed to using plastic razors, I had to get used to the weight of this shaver but it is worth every penny. I haven't had a razor bump since I started using this razor and my skin doesn't feel irritated after using it. Major improvements!! I'm so happy I purchased this product!

        Great Safety Razor

        I'm gonna start by saying that, as a woman shaving my legs/underarms, shaving with any safety razor has a learning curve, and the potential for knicks and cuts is higher than a standard razor if you aren't careful. That said, I think this style of razor also provides a closer shave on top of being more economically and ecologically friendly, so with that in mind, the preference for one over the other depends on your priorities, I guess. I purchased this one to compare to the "butterfly" styled one I'd purchased a couple years ago, which I liked on the points above, but found somewhat difficult to manuever as I kept bumping the dial to open the "butterfly" hinges to access the blade which would allow the blade to shift around and lead to more knicks. This razor doesn't have that function; instead you layer the blade between two pieces that then screw into the handle, and I've found that it stays much more secure. It doesn't shift unless I want it to. If you're curious about the composition of this razor, it is three pieces and entirely metal, so it has a considerable heft to it, and it has a textured handle to help you grip it when wet. It is compatible with any, double sided razor blade, which I've found needs to be changed every 2 to 4 shaves to keep its performance prime. I recommend getting a blade bank for blade disposal. Aesthetically, (because I'm gonna be looking at this thing for a long, long time, in theory) it is a nice, expensive looking tool (I got the "rose-gold" one). I like that it isn't inherently "masculine" or "feminine".

        Works great, would recommend

        So I only have to shave about once a week, but I still found it super annoying to do. Always felt like even new razors were pulling at my hairs (I guess my hair is coarse?) and always got razor burn. So as scary as this safety razor sounded, I decided to give it a try after a friends recommendation. The first time I was nervous and missed a bunch of spots but, zero razor burn. Second time much better. Third time even better. Now I shave in the shower without a mirror and it is fantastic. Great close shave, no razer burn, no hair pulling feeling at all. I would highly recommend to anyone who's been on the fence. Such a great value once you just need to buy razor packs.

        Great gift for the wife

        I've used a safety razor for a while, bought this for wife and she loves it. A TON cheaper than using disposable which are crap and super expensive. Buy this and a 100 pack of blades (for 20 bucks lol) and you're good for years. Always having sharp razor anytime you want.

        G T.
        Love this razor

        I've always used plastic and disposable razors from my first time shave. These blade razors seem retro and traditional. Shave with it like drawing a famous painting, it is such an art. I love it! This razor works smooth and The blades last for at least a month or so before needing to swap out. Don't hesitate to get yours. Finally, I expect that everyone could live a lower waste of life by using less plastic.