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      Sea Clean launched November 2019 in Vancouver, B.C. by experienced artisan jeweler and co-founder of Stoneheart Designs, Chris Collier. Sea Clean is an ocean cleaning jewelry company committed to changing consumers purchase behaviours in favour of a plastic-free, zero-waste future; all Sea Clean jewelry is plastic-free, ethically and sustainably handcrafted in Vancouver, B.C. using a technique called lost wax casting.


      Rid our oceans of garbage and bring awareness to our worldwide plastic crisis. For every necklace purchased, we clean 2–7 pounds of trash from the ocean and shorelines.


      Our signature pendant --the Peanut pendant-- is based off a real turtle named Peanut. As a baby she became entangled in a six pack ring which was carelessly discarded. During development, her body was unable to break the plastic, giving her a disfigured hourglass shape. Luckily she was saved but many other marine animals don’t survive their plastic encounters. 

      Over 100,000 marine animals die from plastic entanglement and ingestion every year, and ocean pollution kills more than 1 million seabirds annually. Our oceans are a vital part of our planet’s ecosystem. They produce about 70% of the oxygen we breathe and at least a sixth of the animal protein people eat. The diversity and productivity of the world's oceans is a vital interest for humankind.

      Now is the time for change. You can help make a difference: by purchasing one of our necklaces you can help fund a beach clean and save marine life. Through the sale of our necklaces, we fund cleans in high-impact areas. We pay locals a sustainable wage to clean the ocean & shorelines of their communities. 

      We use recycled sterling silver and gold for our pieces, we use precious metals to ensure our products don’t end up back in our oceans and can be sustainably recycled. Our packaging is also plastic-free, made with 100% post-recycled paper and printed with soy ink.
      In the future, we plan on hiring crews to clean the ocean & shorelines full-time as well as invest in new technologies to decompose the plastic material we clean (that is not recyclable).
      Thank you for taking the time to read our story.
      Chris Collier 
      Chris Collier is an entrepreneur with a love for the ocean. Growing up in Vancouver he spent a lot of time in and around the ocean. After spending years working for a jewelry company, he wanted to start his own company and make a difference in the world. Nine months later Sea Clean was born. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, playing sports and spending time with his friends and family.