SeaClean is being transitioned into a not-for-profit. Stay tuned for more!
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        1. Are you a not-for-profit? 
        No, we are a purpose driven startup, our mission is to stop the flow of single-use plastic into our oceans and raise awareness to our worldwide plastic waste crisis. We use a portion of the sale of our products to fund our ocean cleaning operations.
        2. How much of a sale goes towards towards ocean cleanup?
        Most companies donate a vague portion of their sales to various charities and/or causes to add a layer of corporate responsibility (typically they donate 10% of their profit). We founded Sea Clean specifically to battle ocean pollution. That goal is ingrained in our company's foundation. That's why for every product purchased we have a firm amount of bottles we collect. It works out to 7.5 - 13% of every product's sale (not profit) goes directly to collection. The rest of the amount goes to product cost, marketing, taxes, packaging and operations. At this time, we take zero salary. All of our sales are reinvested into the company.
        2. Do you accept donations?
        We do not accept donations.
        3. How can I help?
        There any many ways you can help. You can help by reducing your single-use plastic, raise awareness to our worldwide plastic waste crisis, join a local beach clean or start your own! If you would like to support us directly, you can purchase one of our products.
        4. How long will it take to ship my order?
        We generally ship an order within 48 hours.
        5. Who do you ship with?
        Our shipments are all through with Canada Post and USPS.
        6. How can I clean my jewelry?
        Our jewelry can be cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth. You can find these at most department stores, jewelry stores or online.
        7. What is your return and exchange policy?
        We accept returns and exchanges for products within 30 days. After which, it becomes more difficult as we fund the collect of bottles on your behalf and that is non-refundable for us. Of course, if you have any issues contact us and we will do our best to rectify the situation. Our number one goal (other than ocean cleaning) is for our customers to have a positive experience with our company!
        For more details visit our refund policy page here.
        8. What if I received a defective product?
        We will replace any product defects free of charge!
        9. What is your privacy policy?
        You can view our privacy policy here.
        10. What are your terms of service?
        You can view our terms of service here.