SeaClean is being transitioned into a not-for-profit. Stay tuned for more!
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        Are you the right fit?
        • If you care about the ocean, the plastic waste crisis and sustainability you’ll be a perfect fit for our program! 



        • Our sea clean ambassadors are expected to be social media savvy, knowledgeable about our products and most importantly, enthusiastic about making a change!

         If you think you fit the bill, click here to apply!

        What do you get? 

        • Rewards – Exclusive rewards and discounts on all our items PLUS bonuses like product giveaways and gifts
        • Commission – A chance to earn commission by selling our plastic-free, ethically and sustainably handcrafted jewellery 
        • Recognition – In return for your support, we will do everything in our capacity to promote your brand and help grow your presence on social media
        • Early access to content and information - Ambassadors will be privy to information about new product releases, campaign releases and insider information on company initiatives.
        • Community – Be a part of the ocean conservation and sustainability minded community. Connecting with like-minded and passionate individuals is at the root of our values, so join us today!

        Click here to apply!

        For any queries please email us at